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Rafting Montréal

Rafting Montréal

Urban destination for a whitewater adventure!

Discover the Lachine rapids

Discover Montreal and the famous Lachine Rapids by Raft or Hydro Jet (Jet Boating). Les Excursions Rapides de Lachine is located 15 minutes away from downtown Montreal. A guaranteed fun-filled and exciting adventure for all ages. Reservation required. From May to September with several departures daily.

Available activities:
River kayaking
Whitewater riverboarding
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Contact :
8912, Boulevard Lasalle,
Lasalle (Quebec) H8P 1Z9
514 767-2230
1 800 324-RAFT
info (arobas) raftingmontreal (point) com

Activities offered by Rafting Montréal

Rafting in Montreal

Rafting in Montreal

Adventure rafting on Lachine rapids

Be ready to paddle and challenge the impressive waves of the Lachine Rapids!

Adventurers looking for thrills will enjoy by this exciting journey that will allow them to face the rough waters of the Saint-Laurent River. Get ready to paddle as you face some of the most intense waves of the Saint Lawrence River such as Big John, Outétoucos, Louis Leap and the Devils Drop.

An adrenaline rush and loads of fun are guaranteed during this exhilarating activity !

From $40/per.

Easy rafting

Easy rafting

Family rafting

A captivating experience open to all and meant to be shared with family, friends or colleagues!

Our professional guides will lead you on a calmer section of the Lachine Rapids tailored to initiate kids and adults to white water excursions. Perfect for a school outing! (Class I-II rapids)

Since you will already be drenched, end your adventure by taking a swim in the Rapids! An ideal time to cool down and soak in the amazing scenery.

All necessary equipment is provided (life vest, helmet and paddle)

Family price available

From $29/kids

Ultime adventure in Montréal

Ultime adventure in Montréal

Body surfing in Lachine Rapids

Thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, enjoy the white water river boarding in the river.

The water toboggan is an activity combining swimming in white water and river surfing. Swim down the river with a sledge and fins. A guide will open the trajectory and demonstrate the techniques to implement. Fun activity, on a course of 7 kilometers.

An extraordinary experience to live in symbiosis with the river; feel all the movements of the river and face impressive waves. A unique adventure punctuated by adrenaline, in the heart of Montreal!

From June to Auguts