A huge playground, an immediate contact with nature.

Welcome to a place where the outdoors are accessible and sociable; in rural areas or near the city, enjoy getting a breath of fresh air with a loved one, as a family or with friends.

Here, the outdoors are an integral part of our culture.

Quebec is your playground!

Whether you’re into hiking, winter sports, mountain biking, water sports or climbing, Quebec offers an infinite choice of natural spaces and outdoor activities for you to enjoy an abundant and generous nature in any season.

  • 9,392 km of hiking and snowshoeing trails
  • 6,300 km of cross-country and backcountry ski trails
  • 3,000 km of horseback riding trails
  • 6,789 km of cycling routes
  • 2,500 km of mountain biking trails
  • 1,325 km of winter biking trails (fatbike)
  • 38,642 km of canoe routes
  • 74 scuba diving sites
  • 486 caves for speleology
  • 250 rock climbing sites
  • 27 ice climbing sites
  • Over 33,500 km of marked snowmobile trails
  • 27 national parks of Quebec
  • 3 national parks of Canada
  • 15 wildlife reserves
  • 1 Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park with a conservation area of 1,100 square kilometres
  • 11 nations and 55 Aboriginal communities
  • Over 650 species of animals
  • Over 225 businesses specializing in adventure and ecotourism
  • Over 50 safe outdoor activities
  • Over 65 regional parks