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Outdoor Solidarity Cooperative – Adventure Hélianthe

Outdoor Solidarity Cooperative – Adventure Hélianthe

Search Notice - People living with an adventure and nature deficit.

Do you experience one or more of these situations:

1. Exhausted from carrying other all the time;

2. Out of breath with the pace of a frantic life;

3. Monotonous and regular lifestyle;

4. Little or no freedom of action;

5. Overwhelming pressure to meet standards of perfection or conformity.


These situations often lead to one or more of the following symptoms:

1. Feeling of running after one's life;

2. Feeling of emptiness even if one’s got everything to be happy;

3. Feeling of weariness, apathy or being powerless;

4. Feeling of disconnection with oneself and / or others;

5. Feeling of wandering, to advance without any goal.


If you experience these symptoms, the Outdoor Solidarity Cooperative – Adventure Hélianthe has an antidote for you.

So, if you feel the call of nature and adventure: try the experiment of camping in our heated tents or under our expedition tents. Let us take care of you by cooking you good food. Dare to live fully, get out of your comfort zone by going off the beaten track. Live the experience and you will have so much fun, you will live healthy and positive relationships and especially, you will refill your reservoir of magic moments.

Whether you are looking for an excursion or an expedition; on foot, snowshoes or bike; alone, with family or friends; contact us to fulfill your adventure and / or nature deficit.

Looking up to share a walk together!

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400 Rue Principale,
Mansfield-et-Pontefract (Quebec) J0X 1R0
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