The outdoors at its best!

Lasting nearly five months, winter in Quebec is more than a season: it’s a way of life! Dogsledding, skiing, snowshoeing, snowkiting, ice climbing, snowmobiling and ice fishing are just a few examples of outdoor activities that will make you love winter and its unique, grandiose landscapes.

Quebec offers such a wide range of winter activities that there’s no excuse for staying indoors. Put on your tuque and mittens to enjoy our abundant snow, with your family, your partner or your friends.

The great

Our regions have so much to offer, let yourself be charmed!

Quebec is comprised of 20 tourist regions, each one offering a unique landscape, history and color. The options for outdoor activities and adventure are endless! Whether you are into mountains, valleys, lakes or rivers, when traveling in Eastern Canada, take the time to explore Quebec's bountiful nature.