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Set out to discover the Tourisme Nunavik visitor region, and all the immensity of the tundra and taiga north of the 55th parallel. Known as Northern Quebec’s Arctic region, among other attractions Nunavik has countless lakes sculpted by glaciers, as well as Pingualuit Crater. The Inuit, Aboriginal Canadians who rely on hunting and fishing, gladly share their traditions and culture with you, guiding you around Nunavik on foot, by dog-sled or snowmobile, and taking you out to see the magnificent aurora borealis in one of Nunavut’s three Quebec National Parks ? Parc national des Pingualuit, Parc national Kuururjuaq and Parc national Tursujuq. The habitat of seals, polar bears, snowy owls, wolves, caribou and many northern bird species, this virgin territory spans 507,000 sq. km across Northern Quebec. 

Nurrait - Jeunes Karibus

Break down education walls, challenge old pradigms through nature, discovery, experimentation and uncertainty. In the vastness of the tundra we offer outdoor intervention programs to promote personal and social development amongst Nunavik's youth. Skis on feet, we traverse this land in search of ourselves, of who we are. The outdoors serves as both inspiration and a means to reaching our goal. That is Nurrait | Jeunes Karibus!

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