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Noryak Aventures

Noryak Aventures

Noryak operates in the Minganie region - on the North Shore of the Gulf of St-Lawrence - and specializes in sea kayaking and whitewater adventures in spectacular, pristine areas.

Noryak offer all-inclusive trips ranging from one to five days in the Mingan Archipelago (thematic trips, fine meals, quality equipment and terrain-specific guides). For river paddlers, Noryak offers gear transportation using Catarafts. Paddle and surf in a light boat, enjoying the luxury of confortable camping for five days of continuous river running on the Magpie River, rated best expedition river in the Americas.

Gastronomic food. Customized group packages.

Available activities:
River kayaking
Sea Kayaking
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Contact :
Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan (Quebec) G0G 1V0

Activities offered by Noryak Aventures

Logistical support and baggage transport for your trip down the incredible Magpie River.

Logistical support and baggage transport for your trip down the incredible Magpie River.

Relax and go with the flow for the expert whitewater paddler.

The Magpie is a world class river. The quality of its rapids, the ease of access to the river, and the purity of its water make it exceptional. It’s truly one of the best rivers in the Americas for the multi-day whitewater expeditions.

This package is for experienced paddlers who can ensure their safety on the water. The group leader must demonstrate that the group has the technical abilities to handle this adventure.

The service offered by Noryak includes the transport of luggage on the water by catarafts of 18 feet led by an attendant, air transport (helicopter or plane), and complete food service. 

5 days expédition from mid-july to mid-october.

From 1 200$/pers. For 5 days.

Sea kayaking Mingan Archipelago: packaged in 4 days.

Sea kayaking Mingan Archipelago: packaged in 4 days.

In the heart of the Islands of the archipelago of Mingan.

This journey is centred on the discovery, the serenity and the comfort. It is opened to everyone who wishes to let go, to admire the islands by sea kayaking.

To reach our base camp, we use the services of a taxi-water. We establish a fixed camp for 3 nights; from this base camp, we are going to relax, eat well and take advantage of the opportunities who came by themselves to make excursions. We might meet a whale jump in the wide or see grey seal.

Be allowed to be submerge by the beauty and the peace of islands Mingan in sea kayak.

Packaged in 4 days, at 3 nights all included. 

From 1 225$/pers. For 4 days.

Sea kayaking the Romaine Bay

Sea kayaking the Romaine Bay

Kayak adventure between the sea and the river

At the mouth of the beautiful Romaine River, where the river meets the sea, you’ll discover the otherworldly landscape of Romaine Bay, which was shaped by glaciers thousands of years ago.

The bay is sea kayaker’s paradise. The Romaine Bay is the perfect place to try sea kayaking for the first time, even with a young family. It’s shallow depth and narrow mouth means it has small waves and warmer water then the surrounding Gulf of St. Lawrence. And, with two rivers bringing freshwater from the Boreal Forest into the bay, it’s home to a rich ecosystem.

For beginners, families and experts
Length: 1/2 day or full day
Effort level: Low-moderate

From mid-june to end of september.

From 60$/pers.

Sea kayaking: Ile aux Perroquets: 1 day

Sea kayaking: Ile aux Perroquets: 1 day

Paddling with puffins

L’Île aux Perroquets is the gateway to the Mingan archipelago. Found offshore from the petit village of Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, it’s a bucket-list destination for seasoned kayakers.

During your day with us, depending on currents and winds, we will explore Île aux Perroquets, Île de la Maison and Île du Wreck — a magical area that time forgot, where the birds are masters. It’s common to see seals, porpoises, minke whales and more. There’s always a surprise in these waters that are teeming with life.You’ ll feel the wind, the swell of the waves, the sun and the currents of the region during your 45-minute crossing to the islands.

If you call yourself a sea kayaker than this trip is for you. Full-day journey for fit and experienced sea kayakers You can get a discount if you own your own equipment.

Length: 6-8 hours Départure on request
Effort level: Moderate-advanced