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Nomad Bloc

Nomad Bloc

Canada's first outdoor climbing center! 

Nomad Bloc is a bouldering center, looking to bring outdoor rock-climbing into the heart of Montreal.

This urban and exotic destination offers superior-quality climbing, to both beginners and experts alike. With its bouldering surface of 2,000 square foot, this climbing gym is the perfect destination to exercise while escaping from your everyday routine.

Our passionate team provides a welcoming space for guests; all within a relaxed, social atmosphere with captivating activities.

Nomad Bloc: it’s a trek to the mountains, right in your own backyard! 

Available activities:
Rock climbing
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Contact :
Esplanade du Stade Olympique - 4141 Avenue Pierre-De Coubertin,
Montréal (Quebec) H1V 0B2
  • Available activities:
    Rock climbing