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Mer et monde ecotours

Mer et monde ecotours

Sea kayaking, whale watching and camping

We provide people with the opportunity to commune with nature while enjoying a relaxing sea kayaking or lodging experience. For over 30 years, Mer et monde ecotours has been offering guided sea kayaking activities so visitors can discover the unique marine environment of the St. Lawrence River.

Available activities:
Flora and fauna
Rustic cabins and cottages
Sea Kayaking
Stand up paddle
Turnkey camping
Whale watching cruises, excursions and observation
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Contact :
20, Chemin Jalbert,
Les Bergeronnes (Quebec) G0T 1G0
418 232-6779
1 866 637-6663
info (arobas) meretmonde (point) ca

Activities offered by Mer et monde ecotours

Rustic shelter units facing the St. Lawrence River

Rustic shelter units facing the St. Lawrence River
sleeping with a view on St. Lawrence
Cabin on the shore of St. Lawrence river
Inside view of the cabin- bed (c) Magalie Massey
inside view of the cabin - eating area (c) Magalie Massey
inside view of the cabin - eating area (c) Magalie Massey
View from cabin (c) Magalie Massey

Relaxing unique view!

Positioned and arranged to emphasize the river and its marine mammals, they allow you to contemplate them right from the bed! The gas fireplace adds warmth, comfort and ambiance.

Equipped with two bedrooms, they can easily accommodate up to four people. They are equipped with bedding and cooking utensils. All you have to do is bring your own food.

Sanitary facilities are located nearby.

May 20 to October 9, 2022.

169$ +tx/night

SUP in Tadoussac and Les Bergeronnes

SUP in Tadoussac and Les Bergeronnes
SUP At Tadoussac (c) Magalie Massey
Person on a SUP at Tadoussac (c) Magalie Massey
Tadoussac Bay and SUP (c) Magalie Massey
View of Tadoussac Bay in SUP (c) Magalie Massey
SUP At Tadoussac (c) Magalie Massey
SUP At Tadoussac (c) Magalie Massey
SUP on Tadoussac beach (c) Magalie Massey

Come and play in the water!

Whether in initiation or adventure mode, we offer two environments to paddle accompanied by our experienced guides.

Want to discover Tadoussac Bay in an original way? Come try this activity directly on the beach of Tadoussac. You will learn how to get up on the board, move forward, brake, and experience new sensations on our paddle boards. These warmer waters are perfect for a wet dip!

Directly at Mer et monde, in Les Bergeronnes, the chances of encountering a whale are amplified but be advised, this is for the most adventurous.

Our Stand up paddle instructors will share with you their passion for this activity and the region!


Sea kayaking and hiking in the Saguenay Fjord

Sea kayaking and hiking in the Saguenay Fjord
rorqual and sea kayaking
water falls in sea kayaking
sea kayaking departure from Tadoussac
Sea kaykaking in Tadoussac
Sea kayaking on the fjord

In partnership with:

From Fjord to Mountain

What could be better than discovering the Saguenay Fjord National Park by sea kayak and then hiking. From the rendez-vous on Tadoussac beach, you will head by sea kayak to l'Anse à la Barque, directly in the fjord.

There, you will put on your hiking boots to reach the summit of Mount Adéla-Lessard in the Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park. You'll enjoy a delicious lunch while taking in the exceptional view.

Return at the end of the day, paddling across the mouth of the Saguenay River to the wonderful Tadoussac beach

A perfect activity for day adventurers in search of fulfillment and natural beauties.


Rustic campground

Rustic campground
Whales observation from tent
camping under stars
Whales observation and view of the shore
Camping Bergeronne
camping under the stars
camp ground plate-form on the shore
Sunset and camping

Do you hear the blow of the whales?

It's hard to imitate this ambient noise, seeming to come out of nowhere when you least expect it!

Whales and birds usually wake up long before campers. A cup of coffee and a good blanket are enough to contemplate the beauty of the sunrise illuminating the dorsal fins of minke whales. We do not disturb, we simply contemplate.

With only 21 exclusive campsites in this area, treat yourself to a different morning, exotic and full of life where the ochre of the granite rocks shines through the dew and where the sea air mixes with that of the conifers...

Two other rustic camping sectors offering 11 campsites and common access to the river are also available.

May 20 to October 9, 2021

From 44$ +tx /night

Discovering the St. Lawrence by sea kayak

Discovering the St. Lawrence by sea kayak
sea kayaking on sunset
Sun rising in sea kayaking (c) erika_tremblay
smal sea kayaking group on St-Lawrence
Seeing whales (c) Pierre Lasnier
Whales observation in sea kayaking (c) Magalie Massey
Some whales interpretation (c) Magalie Massey

An experience linking humans to nature

Close to Tadoussac and Les Escoumins, l'Anse à la Cave at Bergeronnes is a unique and privileged place for the observation of marine mammals whose essence has been preserved in order to promote contact with nature.

Mer et monde ecotours and its team of professional sea kayaking guides will help you discover the St. Lawrence, the whales breath, the salty air and the landscapes adorned with granite and conifers that will allow you, for a moment, to stop time and connect with the elements.

Whether for early risers, late sleepers, half-day or full-day explorers, we offer a range of trips to satisfy your desire of adventure.

From June 10 to October 9, 2022.