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Adventure travel’s ressources for media professionals

Media Resources

This section is designed for members of the print, broadcast, freelance, blogger and other electronic media. The Aventure Ecotourisme Québec/Regional Parks Marketing and PR contact assists qualified travel journalists in developing stories.

Assets: Media Kit

Please use the links below to access our media kits, which offer detailed information about adventure tourism in Quebec.

Québec Adventure Outdoor network : Who we are





Stories : Adventure ideas

  • A unique fjord, a majestic river and marine mammals!
    Observing marine mammals, whether from a kayak, sailboat or cruise, leaves a permanent, indelible imprint.
  • Sinewy rivers at the heart of a luxurious natural environment
    Canoeing, camping or canoe-camping… An incredible number of circuits are available for ardent paddlers thirsting for adventure and wilderness.
  • Kilometers and kilometers of trail
    Travel by bike, on foot or on horseback to a beckoning wilderness destination. Just put one foot in front of the other and feel completely free to go wherever you like to discover hidden gems that are otherwise inaccessible.
  • An adrenaline rush and laughs
    Answer the call of the mountain summits or descend into the depths of narrow gorges by going rock climbing or embarking on canopy walks.
  • Nordic adventure
    Feel the excitement in the air as the dogs start to bark out enthusiastically. Be the musher of your own dogsled team and glide through the backcountry for a few hours or several days.
  • Winter wonderland
    Snowshoe through powdery white mounds, go backcountry skiing among trees piercing through a carpet of snow, or go ice-climbing on walls gleaming in blue ice.

Media Assistance

In partnership with Quebec's promoting organization (the Alliance) and regions, we assists qualified members of the media with resource materials and visiting arrangements. Let us help you to organize your next adventure enhanced by Québec’s vibrant French culture. You’ll be amazed at what Québec’s professional outfitters have in store for you!

Photo Gallery

For your use and convenience, we maintain a photo gallery of our companies members for use with any article, mention or listing. This photo gallery is provided as a courtesy to authorized and approved media representatives. Please use the photos as you see fit; in return all we ask is the credit and provide us with a link or copy of your story.

You can also have a look on our videos channel