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Le Parc régional Montagne du Diable

Le Parc régional Montagne du Diable

A park to get away from it all!

Come enjoy Montagne du Diable Regional Park! With over 100 km2 of terrain it is a paradise for any outdoor enthusiasts. Our 3 sectors will charm you in summer and winter. The Montagne du Diable regional park has become a must-see destination in the Laurentians.

NEW ! Discover the brand new Windigo lake and fall’s sector! A haven of natural beauty in the shadow of the majestic Montagne du Diable. Take a break in either one of the tiny houses. Or if camping is more your style, stay at the rustic campsites on the Windigo peninsula. Whatever your style, the Windigo sector has something for everyone to discover!

Available activities:
Cross country skiing
Mountain Biking/ Cross Country
Multiactivity stay
Off-trail skiing / Telemark
Rabaska Canoeing
Recreational kayaking
Rustic cabins and cottages
Stand up paddle
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Contact :
1100 Chemin Léandre-Meilleur,
Ferme-Neuve (Quebec) J0W 1C0

Activities offered by Le Parc régional Montagne du Diable

Exceptional hiking adventures

Exceptional hiking adventures

Where the challenges are colorful!

With its 80 km of hiking trails leading to four peaks, dicover the Diable Summit (alt.782m), the second highest peak in the Laurentians. Plan your adventure with our campsites and mountain huts! Why not go away for a few days?

Experience the great freedom of natural and wild spaces!
Spend an unforgettable vacation by staying in the nature cabins or rustic campsites at the Village des Bâtisseurs. Rustic more your style? We have the refuges, shelters or camping in the mountains. We also have tiny houses and 2-service or rustic campsites at the brand new Windigo Lake and falls sector.

Carte Ondago hiking trails map


Access $6,96/person/day - free for children 18 yrs and under

Snowshoeing in winter wonderland

Snowshoeing in winter wonderland

For unforgettable hikes!

Come and explore the 80 km of snowshoe trails in the Montagne du Diable Regional Park and discover the enchanting landscapes of the four summits, including the Diable Summit, the second highest peak in the Laurentians. Plan your adventure with our mountain huts and shelters! Why not leave for a few days?

It is possible to do a one-day or multi-day hike. Benefiting from a microclimate, the mountain benefits from a period of prolonged snow cover and the snow is very abundant! Welcome to the magical world of the Mountain.

Carte Ondago snwsheing trails


Access $6,96/person/day - free 18 yrs and under

The magic of cross-country skiing

The magic of cross-country skiing

Breathtaking landscapes!

The one of the most beautiful and vast ski areas in the Laurentians with more than 42 km of classic cross-country skiing and skating trails perfectly mantained by our team. Hours of fun await for you.

Why not plan a stay combining classic skiing, Nordic skiing (ski touring) and ski-in-skate with nights in a mountain hut or at the foot of the mountain? The PRMD is home to 56 km of trails exclusively reserved for Nordic skiing as well as our adrenaline zones. Nordic ski touring is practiced on marked and unmarked trails this allows you to discover the most beautiful winter landscapes.

cross-country skiing map trails


From 10,44$/adult/day - free for 18 years and under

Park Mountain Diable lodging

Park Mountain Diable lodging

Reconnect with nature

Extend your outdoor vacation in an overnight log cabin or day shelter at the base of the mountain in the Village des Batisseurs or directly on the mountain. Comfortable accommodations provide a unique opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family or even for a romantic evening. 8 camp log cabins are located in the Village des Batisseurs as well as 3 log cabins and 3 day wooden shelters on the mountain.

From $25/a night/adult, half price for children 6 to 18 years and free for children 5 years and under