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Surf, SUP and kayaking

Unique adventures in Montreal

We are a nautical activity center unique to Montreal. Our mission is to allow you to discover exotic areas of the city, via kayaking, surfing and stand up paddleboard (SUP). We are situated in the heart of the Lachine rapids parc in LaSalle, where urban adventure gets all of its meaning.

Available activities:
Recreational kayaking
River kayaking
Sea Kayaking
Stand up paddle
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Contact :
7770, Boulevard LaSalle,
LaSalle (Quebec) H8P 1X6

Activities offered by KSF



Surfing in Montreal

Montreal has one of the best stationary waves in the world; ideal for surfing. Try this safe and unique experience where fun is guaranteed. You can choose from half day introduction or full day river surfing course.

A unique experience in Montreal

After a small section of theory on the grass, you will gradually learn to swim on the map, read the current, retrieve your board once you lose, and how to do it the Hawaiian Roll once you capsize). Then you learn to take a wave, control your direction, and how to get up and surf.

River surfing is fun, safe and for everyone from 14 to 65 years old. Prerequisites for surf classes: Know how to swim and be comfortable in fast moving water.

From 70$

Other Activities

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle / SUP in Montréal

Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP), which consists of paddling while standing up on a big surfboard, is a sport that gives you a full body workout.

Discover the pleasure of SUP in a playful environment while exploring the most beautiful water areas of Montreal. You will learn the origins of SUP, equipment and security notions, different paddling techniques on flat water, and the importance of stability through some balance games.

From 39$

Whitewater kayaking

Whitewater kayaking

Kayak d'eau vive à Montréal

Le kayak d’eau vive est à la portée de tous et demeure la meilleure façon de découvrir les rivières. Grâce à notre programme divisé en 5 parties, il vous sera possible d’apprendre à votre rythme et dans un cadre entièrement sécuritaire. Vous découvrirez le Fleuve Saint-Laurent sous un autre angle tout en vivant des sensations fortes.

From 60$