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Ice canoeing

Unique in the world, ice canoeing is practiced only in Quebec. It is the most original and safe way to go play on the St. Lawrence River in winter. Formerly an essential means of transportation in winter, the ice canoe is today both an outdoor activity and a colourful competitive event, approaching extreme sport. Just think of the famous ice canoe races during the Quebec Winter Carnival!

Ice canoeing is practiced in small groups of 5 canoeists who move with large oars on the water and with crampons as the canoe makes its way through the ice.

Canot à glace expérience

Ice canoeing is a unique activity in the world, typical to and practiced mostly in Quebec.

During winter, navigation on the St. Lawrence River is possible only with the relentless work of the Icebreaker ships. The combination of crushed ice, snow with ebbing tides create large patches of ice that turn the river into the perfect playground for an ice canoeing outing. 

For a successful experience, each outing is composed of five people including a minimum of two experienced Guides.  Ice Canoeing is a physical sport that requires paddling large oars through open water as well as pushing and sliding the canoe over the ice with adapted crampons and taught scooter technique. With everyone joining forces, the canoe can speed up to 20 km/h depending on the ice conditions!  Not bad, right?

Les Traverseux - Heritage space

L'Isle-aux-Coudres in winter it's in Les Traverseux that it happens!

Do you want to experience the ice canoe in total symbiosis with its past, present, and future? Les Traverseux - Espace Patrimoine Canoe à Glace offers you complete immersion with its historical approach, his tourist outing in a bucolic and paradisiacal setting, and the welcome of the guides and managers of the establishment who will cook a lunch where the sharing of the senses invites you to relive the moment with your surroundings!

The magic operates, from the warm embrace of entry, to the installation of crampons for moments when time freezes in the middle of the St. Lawrence, to the beer of the "Canoeists with frozen feet" sipped in front of a living picture of ice and immensity, to the fork stroke on the crooked pie of time!

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