• What is adventure tourism?

    Adventure tourism is a physical outdoor activity or a combination of activities that takes place in a particular natural environment (unusual, exotic, isolated or wilderness). Adventure tourism uses unconventional means of transport, whether motorized (snowmobile, quad, etc.) or non-motorized (walking, canoeing, kayaking, etc.). The activity necessarily involves a level of risk that can vary according to the environment (isolation, geographical features, etc.) or the nature of the activities and means of transportation.

  • What is ecotourism?

    Ecotourism is a form of tourism that aims to introduce visitors to a natural environment while preserving its integrity. It includes interpretive activities about the natural or cultural components of this environment, while promoting a respectful attitude towards it. Ecotourism is based on the principles of sustainable development and provides socio-economic benefits for local and regional communities. (Source: BNQ Standard # 9700-060/2003)

  • How do I find a complete list of adventure tourism businesses and regional parks in Quebec?
  • What is the Quality-Safety certification?

    The Quality-Safety certification, granted by Aventure Écotourisme Québec, is the only official mark of recognition for adventure tourism businesses in Quebec. It is recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Tourism. Businesses that hold it must comply with over 60 of the industry’s most rigorous standards. They must undergo an audit every three years, and occasional visits are also scheduled to confirm that the activities offered are of high quality and safe.

  • What is the Ecotourism attestation?

    As the first official standard of its kind in Quebec, the Ecotourism attestation is intended for Quality-Safety certified businesses offering ecotourism activities. It includes nine standards, as well as an eco-responsibility rating awarded by Les Pages vertes. Ecotourism-verified businesses are also committed to a comprehensive sustainable development approach.

  • Can you recommend a regional park, adventure tourism or ecotourism business?

    We’ll always recommend a regional park or a Quality-Safety certified business in our network, as they are committed to providing you with a safe and memorable experience!

    Check out our directory and use our many search filters to make a choice based on your interests (type of activity, region, season, etc.). Click on a business or regional park listing to learn more about the activities offered, to contact the organization directly or to visit their website.

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