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For a moment, at home

Updated 1 mai 2020

While waiting to be able to be in nature, to practice our favorite outdoor activities
Until we get some freedom, we're staying at home #ForAMoment

Now more than ever, we all want to go out and find ourselves in nature.
To see the places we love and that energize us.
But today, Quebec is on a break.
For a moment.

For a moment.

We're dreaming. On our next trip to a regional park.
A bike ride. Ride down the rapids of our rivers.
Our next mountain to climb.
To paddle our St.Lawrence, north to south, east to west.
We dream of all these activities that make us happy, move and vibrate.
We dream of our future travels.

Just for a moment. We take the time to enjoy the present moment.
To marvel at the little things in life. To let go.
For a moment.

For a moment, we travel from our windows, from our backyard.
Remembering the good times.
We're traveling through our forgotten memories.
For a moment we continue to look forward to it.

Join the Quebec movement #PourUnInstant.

Without a backpack or a compass, travel from your home #ForA Moment
For a moment, share.
The view from your window, from your home, from your corner of the world on social networks with #ForNow.


While waiting to regain our freedom, to visit nature with the people we care about, take care of yourself!