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Outdoor recycling bins – A checklist

Updated 18 août 2021

When you’re out enjoying the great outdoors, it's not always easy to recognize which food packaging and containers are recyclable. If we don't...

The responsible traveller’s 5 essentials

Updated 3 août 2021

Since 2020, Quebecers have been travelling on home turf like never before! The current context offers us an unprecedented opportunity to discover...

We’re all influencers, thanks to our photos

Updated 28 mai 2021

Nature offers new delights, from one season to the next. Who can resist pulling out their phone to capture snapshot of a magical moment in a...

Top 10 tips for a sustainable vacation

Updated 18 mars 2021

While it appears that the pandemic will have transformed our travel landscape over the past several months and in the coming years, there is still...

The life of a sled dog

Updated 11 mars 2021

As you can imagine, the life of a sled dog is not limited to the winter season. At what age can he start pulling a sled? What does he do in the...

A peaceful return to nature

Updated 18 juin 2020

Or how to (re)visit Quebec safely. For weeks now, we have all been dreaming of getting back to a semblance of normal life and going outside to...

Going outsite during the pandemic

Updated 1 avril 2020

At a time when a serious public health crisis is unfolding at home and around the world, we would like to offer you some guidelines on how to get...

A Great outdoor experience starts by planning

Updated 20 janvier 2020

In despite of opportunity to discovering unique places and/or oneself, outdoor activities can involve certain risks. So always be sure to have the...