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The life of a sled dog

Updated 11 mars 2021

As you can imagine, the life of a sled dog is not limited to the winter season. At what age can he start pulling a sled? What does he do in the...

Understanding dog sledding and the musher's life

Updated 8 février 2021

Texte et photos Kinadapt (c) JFGirard

There are sometimes huge misunderstandings surrounding the activity of dog sledding and the well-being of dogs. To help you to see more clearly...

Going outsite during the pandemic

Updated 1 avril 2020

At a time when a serious public health crisis is unfolding at home and around the world, we would like to offer you some guidelines on how to get...

Recognised "Quality-Safety" certification

Updated 24 janvier 2020

A historic turning point and a major step forward for Aventure Écotourisme Québec and the nature and adventure tourism industry. Following a...

A Great outdoor experience starts by planning

Updated 20 janvier 2020

In despite of opportunity to discovering unique places and/or oneself, outdoor activities can involve certain risks. So always be sure to have the...