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Bonjour Québec, Bonjour outdoors, Bonjour adventure, Bonjour nature

Updated 1 juillet 2020

With summer officially here, we are proud and more than delighted to contribute to the promotion of Quebec among the Quebec population in order to help them discover and rediscover the thousand and one natural places and outdoor experiences that Quebec has to offer.

Bonjour Québec also stands for Bonjour Gaspésie, Bonjour Nunavik and Bonjour Montréal. It represents the entire province greeting visitors with open arms and all the subtlety of its regional accents. We join our voices to those of our neighbours—near and far—to say ‘’bonjour’’ to all Quebecois and encourage them to say it in return.

Inspired by Quebecois’ warm hospitality and this human gesture recognized by all, Bonjour Québec is an expression of our identity and distinctiveness within North America. Bonjour Québec is a call to marvel before the province’s spectacular landscapes, connect with the locals and rediscover its rich culture.

As summer vacation begins, we are really looking forward to safely meet again and reconnect with one another. So this summer—and those that will follow—let’s all say Bonjour... Bonjour to outdoors. Bonjour Québec.

To say bonjour to Québec is to travel outside the everyday while creating one unforgettable memory after another.