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The five best places for canoe-camping in Québec

Where to go for a memorable experience?

If you love canoeing how about combining it with camping? The traditional mode of transportation of the...

A Great outdoor experience starts by planning

In despite of opportunity to discovering unique places and/or oneself, outdoor activities can involve certain risks. So always be sure to have the...

Planning a family trip? Here are some ideas.

It’s great to travel, but getting away with the family is even better!

The top 10 rivers in Québec

The rivers of Québec

Winter is over, time to paddle!

It’s Time to Get Paddling

Spring is finally here and so is our hankering to get out on the rivers! Whether you are seeking extreme thrills or a lighter expedition that is...

Ideas for Living Summer to the Fullest

All around the province, discover the incredible variety of exciting activities at your disposal. Water sports, via ferrata, scenic hiking with...

Have fun outdoors this winter

Snowshoeing, skiing or sledding - or all of the above - are a perfect way to experience the beauty and magic of winter.

Having a whale of a Time !

Whales, whales and even more whales! Imagine finding yourself face to face with the biggest marine mammal in the world, the blue whale, in its own...

The eight most spectacular via ferrata trails in Québec

Photos (c) A. Pernelet, F. Junod

Via ferratas provide a challenging way to access the mountainous environment, with a minimum impact and the...