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Eeyou Istchee / Baie-James : Snowshoeing

eyou Istchee Baie-James is one of the world’s last remaining pristine lands. Its countless rivers and lakes are teeming with fish, and the region is known for its spellbinding natural phenomena, wildlife and wilderness. A part of the population is Cree, an indigenous culture that lives in harmony with nature. 

Eeyou Istchee Baie-James inspires wonder, and we invite you to return to the source and discover what Nordic life is. The region’s immense lakes, untamed rivers, northern lights, forests as far as the eye can see and diverse wildlife are a testament to its outstanding uniqueness and authentic quality.

By canoe, kayak, bike, snowmobile, ATV or simply your two feet, any way is a great way to explore the vastness of this land and dive deep into nature at its purest. Clear your mind and fall under the spell of the true North!

Nuuhchimi Wiinuu

An eco-tourism aboriginal site is ready to welcome you. It consists of a chalet, multiple traditional and authentic Cree dwellings that feature comfort and unique experiences that immerse guests into the Cree cultural environment. In the winter, snowshoeing, traditional crafts and trapping are the main activities that will astound you as you skill your hands to connect the Cree history. Summer activities include canoeing, hiking, and water-based activities. Surely the beauty of the Cree way of life will grace you with many once in a life time experiences, be part of it.

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