An invitation to travel differently

Travelling is inevitably leaving a trace on your path. Might as well leave one that will benefit the places you visit!

Ecotourism activities offer a unique opportunity to explore Quebec in a different way. Learn about the natural environment, observe the fauna and flora with experienced guides, get in touch with the local culture and history, savour the local products… Get prepared to live a memorable and authentic experience.

Supporting ecotourism means supporting the protection of natural environments and the vitality of communities that you visit.

Our businesses are committed

In addition to offering ecotourism activities, our Ecotourism-verified businesses stand out for their commitment and best practices in sustainable development. Learn more about these leaders in their niche and our ecotourism standards.

Ecotourism-verified business list

A sample of our
Ecotourism-verified activities

Want to live in sync with nature or immerse yourself in the local culture? Choose an ecotourism activity or trip to get closer to Quebec, its territory, and its people.