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Ecotourism in Quebec


Quebec is renowned for its wide open spaces, endless mountain ranges, plains, lakes and rivers. It’s a prime visitor destination for nature lovers. Like you, Aventure Écotourisme Québec and its member outfitters are passionate about adventure, and the great outdoors. We care deeply about our beautiful national treasure ‒ nature! That’s why we support and promote all forms of responsible ecotourism.

Quebec’s vocation in ecotourism dates back 15 years. All across North America, la belle province is the benchmark for sustainable ecotourism experiences that are rooted in quality, authenticity and safety.

Ecotourism is a form of responsible tourism that welcomes visitors into a natural setting while preserving its integrity. Sustainable tourism includes interpretation activities linked to a location’s natural and cultural components, and takes into consideration the economic spin-offs it entails. While also promoting environmental awareness, sustainability is what makes this form of tourism distinctive.  And because ecotourism has positive impacts on local and regional communities, it generates appreciable socio-economic benefits as well.

Why should you support Ecotourism?

  • By protecting our natural habitats, we are then free to enjoy all their beauty
  • Ecotourism promotes sustainable economic development at a community level
  • It provides a unique educational tool showcasing local communities and wildlife
  • Because our natural resources are a source of life

We therefore encourage you to get out there and enjoy nature! Come take part in an Aventure Écotourisme Québec ecotour activity with one of our member outfitters. Some are Ecotourism Accredited ‒ try them! Learn more about our lovely waterways, flora and fauna as you revel in your very own outdoor adventure. Pairing ecotourism and fun is a winning combination.

The Ecotourist

Interested in becoming an ecotourist and learning more about what behaviours to adopt? Read The Ecotourist Code of Conduct.