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Our natural resources, a source of life!

The way you travel has an impact on both our planet and our Quebec ecosystems. It is by protecting our natural environments/habitats that we can fully enjoy the beauty they have to offer. By encouraging ecotourism, you are obviously encouraging the sustainable economic development at a community level.

Quebec's ecotourism activities provides you a unique opportunity to learn more about the wildlife, local fauna, flora and communities.

The ecotourist code

Traveller's Ethical Charter in Quebec

Outdoor Fund

Outdoor Companies involved

Protecting the environment also requires our partner companies to provide you with an eco-responsible and more sustainable outdoor experience.

List of Ecotourism accredited companies

Inspiration for a greener and more respectful tourism

As a must-see tourist destination for nature lovers, Quebec invites you to its vast natural spaces, its countless mountains, plains, lakes and rivers. Enjoy our great natural resources by opting for more ecotourism and sustainable practices.

A handy waste management guide when out in the great outdoors

Outdoor recycling bins – A checklist

The responsible traveller’s 5 essentials

A sustainable taste of our lakes and rivers

We’re all influencers, thanks to our photos

Some of our certified ecotourism activities


Whale watching cruises, excursions and observation

Sea Kayaking

Dog sledding

Ebike / e-fatbike