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Contact Nature

Contact Nature

Contact Nature is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and  to enhance natural environments for educational and recreational tourism.

Ice fishing villages

Experience the authentic experience of ice fishing in Saguenay. With hundreds of fishing huts installed each winter, the Anse-à-Benjamin and Grande-Baie sites are transformed into veritable fishing villages on ice.

Outdoor Center Bec-Scie
Bewitching paths, a natural beauty in our colors that lead to absolutely breathtaking landscapes. Whether with family or couple, hiking or by mountain bike, the experience is very rewarding! When the Bec-Scie wears its white coat, you have at your fingertips one of the most beautiful cross-country skiing or snowshoeing centers in Quebec, with its marked trails and shelters. It becomes a relay for snowmobilers, not to mention that its reception room is available for your activities, and all year long.

Camping Jardin de mon Père
Located along the corridor of Rivière-à-Mars, between Chicoutimi and Bas-Saguenay, the campsite enjoys an enchanting site in the heart of Ville de Saguenay. Offering 174 pitches, 80% of which are reserved for tourists, the campsite "Au Jardin de Mon Père" enjoys an excellent reputation among campers. The company has perfected its services by offering various packages in collaboration with tourism stakeholders to provide its customers, the most beautiful attractions, shows and landscapes of  " Saguenay le Fjord ". It radiates thanks to its many services, the quality of its facilities, its cleanliness, its warm welcome and the proximity of the tourist attractions.
Okwari Le Fjord
Nothing immerses you more in the universe of the Saguenay Fjord and its surroundings than Okwari Le Fjord. In summer, you will have the opportunity to take a sea kayak ride on the fjord and discover the forest and the city that surrounds it. In winter, try snowshoes, dogsled, snowmobile or ice fishing on the frozen fjord with our passionate guides. Don’t miss this unique activity in La Baie!
Rivière-à-Mars salmon interpretation center
Your perception of salmon will change dramatically after you stop there. All the information and the necessary to fish for salmon and sea trout are there. A must in La Baie for any angler. Enter the world of salmon and sea trout, discover the mysteries! The Rivière-à-Mars salmon interpretation center will help you discover all the charms of this noble king of our waters, salmon. Naturalist guides are on hand to answer all your questions.

Available activities:
Cross country skiing
Dog sledding
Doing it differently
Flora and fauna
Ice fishing
Multiactivity stay
Rabaska Canoeing
Rustic cabins and cottages
Sea Kayaking
Turnkey camping
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Contact :
7400, chemin des Chutes,
Saguenay (Quebec) G7B 3N8

Activities offered by Contact Nature

Dog sledding excursion

Dog sledding excursion
dogsledding Okwari - Alaskan du Nord
be the musher of your dogsled
dogsledding Okwari - Alaskan du Nord
meet our dog team
On dogsledding trails

Passenger or driver, you choose!

An unforgettable forest expedition with a team of Alaskan du Nord inc. sled dogs and passionate guides attentive to your every need. You will be surrounded by incredible winter landscapes. Offered half day or full day.

Driver option

It is possible to drive your dog sled, like a real musher! Driver customers will receive instructions from guides and will be able to direct a sled without passengers.

First Nations Animation Option

Combine your dog sled activity with an animation on the theme of First Nations culture! You will spend a warm moment in a tepee with an intepreter of autochthon origin, who will share the culture and traditions of First Nations.

Starting from $ 105

Ice fishing on Saguenay Fjord

Ice fishing on Saguenay Fjord
Good catch : Cod
Ice fishing on Saguenay fjord
Fun guaranty during ice fishing
Ice fishing on Saguenay fjord

A unique ice fishing in Quebec!

Ice fishing initiation

Experience ice fishing on the Saguenay Fjord! In the company of a guide, explore ice fishing techniques on one of the world’s largest ice fishing villages. in the open air, in a heated tent or in a fishing cabin, let your guide introduce you to this unique way of fishing in Canada.

Included: guide for 3 hours and 2 fishing equipments.

Options to add:

  • Additional guidance hour: $30
  • Fishing cabin with heater: $160
  • Portable tent: $40
  • Tent heater: $20 A
  • dditional fishing rod: $10
  • Dinner: $20 per person Fishing cabin rental also available (without guide).
  • Equipment rental on demand.

$100 + taxes

Black bears observation

Black bears observation
balck bear
mirador inside
Baby Black bear and family
balck bear

Observe black bears in the wild

Okwari adventures is a unique opportunity to discover black bears in their natural environment. Our passionate guides are happy to share their knowledge of this magnificent forest animal. Safely installed in one of our observation towers, you can watch and photograph real wild black bears. This forest excursion will amaze you!

  • Reservation required
  • Minimum age: 5 years old
  • Starts at 3 pm
  • Duration: 2:30

Also available: rabaska canoe, introduction to First Nations culture and canyon hiking. Choose your combination! Offered half day or full day.

$ 31

Snowmobile ride

Snowmobile ride
bridge crossing in snowmobiling
Snowmobiling ride in Saguenay
snowmobiling with friends
Snowmobiling ride very satisfying

" Snowmobile day in Saguenay with guide"

Follow the guide and enjoy a memorable snowmobile day. You will be able to admire the winter landscape of the region!

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Included : snowmobile, guide, dinner, helmet and snowmobile suit.

Also offered: Snowmobile and ice fishing day.
Browse the beautiful winter wonderland by snowmobile and get started on ice fishing! Your guide will take you to the most beautiful snowmobile trails and give you his best ice fishing tips."

365 $