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Tremblant Activity Center

Tremblant Activity Center

Discover Tremblant

The Tremblant Activity Centre, in the heart of the action in Tremblant Resort, for all your activities! We offer over 75 activities for all 4 seasons!  Rafting, family rafting, dogsledding, snowmobiling, spas, ziplines and more. Reservations required.

Available activities:
Dog sledding
Ice fishing
Rock climbing
Via Ferrata
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Activities offered by Tremblant Activity Center

Dogsledding adventures in Mont-Tremblant

Dogsledding adventures in Mont-Tremblant
dogsledding ride, Centre d'Activités Tremblant
Get in as a passenger, Centre d'Activités Tremblant
Dogsleddin, Perfect for every one, Centre d'Activités Tremblant
dogsledding, Centre d'Activités Tremblant

A once in a lifetime experience!

During your stay in Tremblant, try the unique experience of a dogsledding expedition. We offer a variety of adventures; on the mountain, in the forest, or on a flatter terrain located just 5 minutes from the resort that also offers plenty of hills. Whichever you choose, you will be able to visit the kennel and cuddle the puppies!

Transportation from the Tremblant resort is offered.
All ages are welcome.
Reservations required.

From mid-December to end of March


From 96 $/children; 138 $/adult.

Mont-Tremblant Rafting

Mont-Tremblant Rafting

Thrills guaranteed!

Quebec’s most popular white water trip for more than a quarter century, it's an unbeatable one-day adventure. The rapids come up fast and furious in a cascade of ledges, drops and waves that are sure to thrill veterans and novices alike. Includes guide and all equipment, 2 descents of the river, snacks and dinner (steak or salmon) and a video/photo presentation of your day on the river. No experience needed!

Families will love the Family Rafting experience on a less intense section of the river. Accompanied by an expert guide, descend rapids up to class 3, with stops for swimming, body surfing and a riverside lunch.


From 62$

Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard - Rouge River

Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard - Rouge River

Gentle water and amazing beaches!

Discover the Mont-Tremblant region by canoe, katak or paddleboard on this easy self-guided trip.Bring family and friends to picnic on one of the many beautiful sand beaches along the way.

The rental also includes transport up river.  Single kayaks are available.

From May 15th to October 15th


From 34 $/Kayak solo or paddle board; from 66 $/canoe

Mega ziplines, via ferrata and rappelling in Mont Tremblant

Mega ziplines, via ferrata and rappelling in Mont Tremblant
monkey bridge, Centre d'Activités Tremblant
ziplining, Centre d'Activités Tremblant

Breathtaking views and thrills guaranteed.

Breathtaking views and exciting challenges await you! Choose from several activities - 4 zip lines, or zip lines and via ferrata or even the Mega Combo which combines these two activities and a abseiling descent. Our 450 to 900 metre zip lines offer flights between mountains and above the treetops in an exciting adventure! The via ferrata will allow you to climb a 60 m rock face, the equivalent of a 20-storey building, and you can even abseil down the same face!

In winter, you can hike to the top of Mont-Catherine on snowshoes before descending on 2 zip lines or try the winter via ferrata with our 2-hour excursion. You can walk back from the summit, or choose to go down by zip line.
Unforgettable 4-season activities!



From 50$ in summer; 48$ in winter