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The vertical thrill

Canyoning-Québec is the first and only canyoning specialist in Quebec, since 2000. We abseil waterfalls! From May to October, go with our professional guides to Jean-Larose Falls, at Mont-Sainte-Anne with two cascades plunging into magnificent basins. Experience ice canyoning at Mont-Sainte-Anne on a 41 m (135') frozen cascade, unique in Canada. Come to our new thrilling site at the Massif de Charlevoix. Try our wild sites in Vallée Bras-du-Nord located in St-Raymond and follow the cascades! For age 10 and up.

Available activities:
Ice canyoning
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Activities offered by Canyoning-Québec

Ice-Canyoning at Jean-Larose Falls

Ice-Canyoning at Jean-Larose Falls

Jean-Larose Falls is the only location in North America to do ice canyoning!

Canyoning-Québec offers to discover an amazing and zen (frozen!) winter landscape. The excursion will take you to the breathtaking 41 meter frozen and dry last drop of Jean-Larose Falls, at Mont-Sainte-Anne. The rappel is done with crampons on frozen ice cascades in dry conditions. 

There is an initiation clinic to learn the rappelling technique in two easy 20 meters steep slopes before approaching the great drop.

From 72$ to 107$+taxes according to age or number of persons

Other Activities

Canyoning at Jean-Larose Falls

Canyoning at Jean-Larose Falls

A wet vertical adventure!

A great canyoning classic at the foot of Mont-Sainte-Anne ski resort! Excellent for all experience levels, from pure beginner to adventurer.

After your personal equipement preparation and an introduction clinic to rappel on rope, you will abseil in two vertical falls of 12 and 19 meters, monitored by our professional guides.

The site is spectacular and has impressive deep pools at the bottom of each cascade. We will also offer the option to jump off the cliff in a deep water pool, 7 meters high!

From 48$ to 100$+taxes according to age or number of persons

Sporting canyoning at Massif de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François

Sporting canyoning at Massif de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François

Cascades and waterslides (regular excursion)

In the heart of the Massif de Charlevoix a new mythical canyon is born. A stream offering 5 waterfalls to abseil on rope with jumps, swimming pools and incredible waterslides. Magical surroundings where ribbons of clear and white water ram into the green moss coated bedrock.

An adrenaline rush in cold water (50°F) for physically fit beginners. A high-end product with cutting edge equipment to go further in canyoning. For age 14 and up.

149$/ person +taxes

Sporting canyoning at Massif de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François

Sporting canyoning at Massif de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François

Sporting canyoning and river tracing at the Massif

Regular excursion with the addition of horizontal river tracing and scrambling and two other vertical cascades (an extra 2 hours).

179$3person + taxes