Although summer is coming to an end, fall is slowly taking hold. As nature’s palettes of yellow and red blaze, the fall season also brings new vacation opportunities… all in color and with the perfect weather to enjoy outdoor activities.

Take full advantage of the fall colors !

Although all summer activities normally continue until Thanksgiving, with the cooler weather, we sometimes look for different activities that will allow us to enjoy the colors as a couple, with family or friends.

So here is a selection of our best outdoor activities, perfect for this time of the year.

Via ferrata… to see a colors blast!

Beware of vertigo! Hello immensity! What could be better than being on the side of a mountain to observe the immensity of the landscape and the variety of fall colors.

Attached to a continuous cable by a harness, the via ferrata is a mix between mountain hiking and climbing; a bit like a more or less vertical hike on a mountain wall or a horizontal climb. Even if to progress and move on the via ferrata we are mostly facing the rock face, we have plenty of time to stop and look at the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us and its colors.

The via ferrata course of the Batiscan River Park is distinguished by its breathtaking scenery all along the river and its rapids.

Historically a gathering place for the Mi’gmaq Nation, from the lookout at the summit of Mont-Saint-Joseph Regional Park you will have a breathtaking view of the Baie-des-Chaleurs.

A mountain of colors

The many mountains of Quebec offer an exceptional view of the fall colors! Of course, many mountains are accessible in national parks, regional parks or in the many ski resorts offering a chairlift ride to observe the different variations of fall colors.

That said, get off the beaten path by discovering the trail that leads to the summit of Mont-Ham where you will have a 360 degree view of the region. You’ll also find amazing panoramas in the 917-meter-high mountains of the Massif du Sud Regional Park.

And at the Parc régional Montagne du Diable, four peaks, the highest of which is 786 meters, await you for a colorful challenge!

Historically a gathering place for the Mi’gmaq Nation, from the lookout at the summit of Mont-Saint-Joseph Regional Park you will have a breathtaking view of the Baie-des-Chaleurs.

Ziplining at full speed

Playing in the trees, we all did it when we were little. Going from one tree top to another at full speed on a zip line in the fall is like seeing a kaleidoscope of colors; green, yellow, orange, red, brown… What a way to see life in color!

To live strong emotions between sky and earth, Tyroparc offers 4 mega zip lines among the longest and highest in Canada. Perfect to see the colors from above!

For a double or couple zip line, it’s up to you… the Parc de la Chute Montmorency allows two people to cross at the same time and have an impressive view of the falls. With your nose in the wind and your feet in the air, it’s a guaranteed adrenaline rush over a length of 300 meters.

Fall hiking

What could be better than a hike with family, friends, a couple or your dog to really soak up the fall colors at your own pace. Whether it’s a loop or an itinerary, there’s no shortage of choice and very little equipment is required… Arm yourself with a good pair of walking shoes and let’s go!

To explore and hike in lesser-known areas, try the regional parks, some of which even offer access!

Hike along the Noire River through a beautiful forest at the Portneuf Regional Park. You will also have the chance to admire the landscape and the fiery rapids of the Marcotte Falls by crossing two footbridges over the river.

Stay in nature & cozy night in the forest

Recharge your batteries, take some time for yourself, disconnect… Fall is also a time for cocooning. And why not cocoon in the great outdoors? We suggest you spend the night in the comfort of a tree house, a yurt, a log cabin or a refuge. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a relaxing moment in nature while admiring the flamboyant colors that surround you and smelling the scents of fall!

Canikart or cani-trottinette

As the weather is not too hot, autumn is also the best time to train sled dogs. How do you do it? By attaching the dogs to a kart or scooter instead of a sled. A way to live the dog sledding experience all year long!

At Kinadapt, before your cani-kart activity, you will have a demonstration of the types of training that the dogs must receive to maintain their physical and mental health. This will allow you to better know the universe of your canine team that will pull your cart.

The Reine et le Millionaire offers you the opportunity to ride through the forest on a hybrid between a bicycle and a scooter, pulled by one or two dogs. In short, an activity as pleasant and fun as a bike ride in the fall!

Mushroom picking

Fall is the ideal season for picking forest mushrooms in Quebec. There are many varieties of edible wild mushrooms. However, it is better to take part in a guided excursion to differentiate them so as not to get intoxicated. Some even offer mushroom discovery tours, such as Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux.  Other organizations will include picking techniques and tips for preparing them.

Observe the wilderness

It’s a known fact that Quebec is overflowing with an abundance of nature that allows wildlife observation in many places. And this, even during the fall season! In particular, fall is the best time to observe the wild black bear in the wild.

From a secure Contact Nature stand, you will have the chance to observe and photograph real wild black bears. To enhance your experience or your outing, we strongly suggest that you add the rabaska portion on Lake Como to your day. This will allow you to expand your nature observation with other wildlife.

Autumn horseback riding

How about a colorful nature ride? On horseback, take advantage of nature’s clamor to explore magnificent landscapes and forests accompanied by a guide. Teaming up with this magnificent animal in an autumnal setting, you will surely be filled with happiness!

With Winslow Ranch you can enjoy the tranquility of their exclusive trails that will lead you to Frontenac National Park.

Or, ride to the Daaquam River to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the magnificent Appalachian forest at the Daaquam Chalet and Resort. A pure air paradise in the heart of the Appalachian Regional Park.

A different kind of fall for the family…

Even if many people take advantage of the fall with their family to go apple picking or pick their own squash, we can also enjoy our day by adding a family hike or an outdoor labyrinth. Ok, it may not be an outdoor activity per se but it sounds like fun!

Aventure Inukshuk’s labyrinth will offer you a personal challenge with their 275 door course to reach the goal. The large dodecagonal course is even suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer offers a “magical” mega maze that will allow you to enter the legendary world of the Sasquatch, the mysterious Western Yeti. You’ll have to follow the clues to not lose your way!

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