Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it a multitude of opportunities to venture into the great outdoors. Nothing beats a day outside to rejuvenate your spirit!

The professionals at Québec Aventure Plein air eagerly await your arrival! For a high-quality and safe experience, plan your summer vacation with a Qualité-Sécurité accredited business or a Parq certified regional park. Recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, these symbols of excellence demonstrate our professionals’ commitment to upholding rigorous standards to offer you an extraordinary experience.

Enjoy the pleasures of the season by planning an active summer across the province.

Discover a wide range of outdoor activities for all tastes and budgets.

Sentiers ©Parc régional Val-David/Val-Morin

Climb the Mountains

Who hasn’t felt immense pride upon reaching the summit of a mountain? In summer, the mountains offer numerous activities that will test your courage and determination, such as rock climbing, via ferrata, and mountain biking.

For a more relaxing day, take to the hiking trails where each bend reveals the secrets of lush nature. Far from everyday life, be amazed by the beauty and richness of the local flora and fauna.

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Conquer the Waves

Water is undoubtedly one of Quebec’s greatest treasures, and there are countless ways to enjoy it. For a guaranteed adrenaline rush, ride the rapids with experienced guides.

Prefer a tranquil marine wildlife observation? Sea kayaking is the perfect activity to follow the currents at your own pace. Each paddle stroke brings you closer to the breathtaking panoramic landscapes.

© Carpediem Aventures

Sleep Under the Stars

To escape the routine and strengthen family bonds, nothing beats a multi-activity retreat. Whether camping, staying in a dome, a rustic inn, or a log cabin, nature accommodations are varied. Whether you seek simplicity or comfort, you’ll find the perfect solution for an enchanting experience in the heart of the forest.

Voile ©Voile Mercator

Sail with the Wind

Quebec’s bodies of water are perfect for experiencing the freedom that sailing provides. But if you prefer to stay on land, try kitesurfing, a fun activity that lets you play with the wind. In both cases, you’ll have a magical experience in harmony with nature.

© Attitude Nordique

Experience a Change of Scenery

Why not venture off the beaten path? An excursion to remote regions will reveal the immense richness of Quebec’s ecosystem. While hiking in the forest or paddling on a watercourse, keep your eyes and ears open to discover hidden treasures.

If you’ve always dreamed of touring Quebec without unpacking your bags, a road trip in a recreational vehicle is ideal. Whether traveling solo, with family, or friends, Quebec is full of escape opportunities.

Parcours d'aventure arbre en arbre

Domaine du Parc Vert ©AEQ / JFG Vidéo Pro

Family Adventures

It’s said that travel broadens the mind! Plan a memorable getaway where young and old alike can play in the trees on an aerial course or try summer mushing for a day.

For a more accessible activity, plan a bike ride on the province’s many cycling routes. Explore scenic country roads, regional parks, or marked trails to discover picturesque landscapes.

Top 3 Tips for a Successful Experience

1- Respect Nature

Quebec offers a generous nature that provides an almost instant sense of freedom. However, outdoor activities put some pressure on natural environments. On your next excursion, ensure you respect the people you meet, the environment, and the animals around you, as well as the guidelines of the places you visit.

To enjoy this wealth for as long as possible and promote harmonious coexistence, also adopt the seven Leave No Trace principles. This will help protect natural environments, wildlife, and flora.

2- Use Your Camera Wisely

3- Plan Your Activity Well

Everyone loves capturing a memorable moment in nature or a grand landscape and, of course, sharing their joy online! How can you combine photography with respect for nature? This French article offers enlightening insights into this modern challenge.

Whether you are a fan of hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or canoe camping, planning is essential for a successful experience. Check out our blog for pro tips to confidently handle any unexpected events.

Discover Responsible Practices

Some businesses in our network have committed to donating 1% of their sales to the 1% for the Planet Outdoor Fund. Each year, the funds collected are given to Quebec organizations working to protect local nature. By choosing a committed company, you contribute to more responsible tourism.

Want to get closer to nature? Explore the activities offered by companies with Ecotourism attestation. In addition to enjoying an eco-friendly experience, you’ll support the adherence to rigorous sustainability standards.

Members of Québec Aventure Plein air invite you to live the summer to the fullest! This season, feel pure joy by planning your vacation with our outdoor professionals.

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