What to place in your RECYCLING

(emptied of its contents – no need to wash them)

  • Paper, cardboard packaging and containers, such as those used to carry pizzas or other prepared foodsRemove the soiled parts of the box.
  • Place the box flat by loosening the corners.
  • Fold the box so that it takes up less space in the bin.
  • Bags and wrappers, if they are made of plastic that stretches when you try to tear it, such as sliced bread bags.
  • Glass or metal containers.
  • Water or juice bottles, and beer, pop or sparkling water cans, whether returnable or not.
  • Aluminum foil and aluminum dishes go to recycling even if they are soiled.
    • Remove food scraps as best you can.
    • Then make a ball with the foil to trap the soiled portion.

What to put in the GARBAGE

  • Bags and wrappers, if they are made of a “stiffer” plastic that does not stretch, such as pasta or cereal bags.
  • Multi-layered plastic packaging, such as those used to keep chips or nuts fresh.
  • Plastic containers, lids and caps that do not have the Mobius strip (arrow triangle symbol) or #6.
  • Dirty cardboard cuttings and boxes that are completely soaked with grease.
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