What is an Adventure Motorcycle?

The main advantage of the adventure bike is its dual-sport aspect: you can ride on fast 4-lanes as well as on bumpy gravel trails called off-road. A well-prepared adventure bike is equipped with knobby tires, protection and a large gas tank; there are powerful engines which remain extremely comfortable and sporty, even heavily loaded. Imagine leaving the highway, leaving the villages far behind, diving into a Wildlife Reserve and driving for hours between lakes, forests and wildlife. A path soaked by a beaver dam or a sandy track? Well, that’s okay…that’s what we call thinking outside the box!

5 Benefits of Choosing a Guided Expedition

  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Hassle-free
  • Motorbike and camping gear provided
  • Best of must see and must do

In short, here is an ideal option to guarantee peace of mind and save time! B46 Adventures tunes all-inclusive guided road trips across Quebec. Whether you are a tourist on vacation or an explorer in your Belle Province, the certified OFV guides reveal the most beautiful routes and take care of all the logistics. Plan 5 days to explore the Laurentians, 1h30 from Montreal. Or if you have 10 days, a trip of 2000km crosses the best of the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves through Quebec!

Bivouac by the lake on the Sepaq campsites, bison BBQ at the Ferme 5 Étoiles, but also local gastronomy and great comfort in our typical outfitters.

Experienced Rider and Seasoned Camper: Here are Some Tips for Self-Driving Adventure Motorcycling

Preparing for an autonomous expedition in a remote region means anticipating and respecting essential rules. First, locate the gas stations and, if necessary, increase the capacity of your tank. Make sure you master the use of your GPS and provide paper maps in addition or as a replacement; also consider a satellite communication device. Finally, practice your off-road riding skills before departure! Need complete camping equipment? Rent an ultra-light and compact kit from Locapaq. On the other hand, if you want to use a rental motorcycle, be aware that you will not be allowed to ride on trails.

Now, here is a great idea for an epic road trip: Expédition 51° which makes a magnificent loop from the Côte-Nord: change of scenery and wild territories guaranteed over more than 1700 km.

Green Side - Economic Side

Considering the little expense of fuel to travel long distances, the motorized 2-wheeler is an excellent formula both for your wallet and for your environmental impact. And if you decide to embark on the same motorcycle and in addition to camping, you really start talking about a nature road trip and sustainable tourism.

Don’t be afraid of bad weather, minimalism, there is high-performance equipment tailored to adventure motorcycling and moreover training activities for you to prepare.

Bike Trip: One More Step Towards Adventure

Talking about a road trip is already dreaming of freedom and escape. But on a motorbike, the fresh morning air, the seaside spray, the scent of the forests always float in your nostrils… That’s kind of the precious bonus that motorcycling offers! The small, narrow trail that branches off towards Lac aux Outardes now sounds like an invitation to get away and you may have the chance that a moose is riding alongside.

If a few shivers have run down your spine and you’re itching to go on an adventure motorcycle, contact B46 Aventures to find the off-road activity that suits to you.

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