In despite of opportunity to discovering unique places and/or oneself, outdoor activities can involve certain risks. So always be sure to have the skills and abilities required for the activity you choose. It is very important to find out about the risks involved in the activity, to know and respect your own limits and to use appropriate equipment.

As Quebec’s nature reputation is no longer to be done, when summer is in full swing and the only thing you have in mind is to go outside and enjoy! However, how to make sure to choose THE best adventure?

Choosing the right adventure, the right activity… Play it safe!

Outdoors activities require certain skills and abilities and involve inherent risks, which must be taken into consideration even before planning an activity. To reduce the risks and take full advantage of your activities, to sure about the company’s professionalism: its experience, the competence of its guides or its adherence to a code of ethics

Any conscientious company is curious, she wants to know you to offer you the best service: with risk management being an integral part of the outdoor experience

  • She will ask you what kind of experience you want to do, whether it’s a gentle adventure with some comfort or a great expedition that will take you beyond your limits.
  • Your technical knowledge and experience depending on the activity you want to practice
  • Your health, what are your allergies or the medications you are prescribed?

Preparing yourself adequately is the first step in the safe and enjoyable practice of your favourite activities.

Companies concerned about your well-being will have you sign a waver form of “risk acceptation”. It is important that you acknowledge clearly the dangers associated with the practice of this activity.

Here are the questions you should ask to choose the right experience and company
Do not forget, you are the first person responsible for your safety!

  • Make sure the company holds liability insurance, if so, this means it meets several safety standards
  • Are the guides trained? Do they have technical patents for the activity they supervise?
  • What are the emergency measures in case of an accident, is there a way to transport you quickly and safely to a clinic or hospital?
  • How many participants VS guides, depending on the activity, the framing ratios change.
  • Young children, pregnant women; some activities should not be offered to you
  • What are the cancellation conditions if bad weather?

Don’t forget, safety before the price

Even you find out different pricing for the same outdoor activity or service, be sure to choose de right company who has your safety at his first with the right equipment, in good condition, trained and competent guides. Do not negotiate your safety!

A label for a good adventure in Quebec

A safe outdoor adventure activity in Quebec with a safety label for consumers.

As we take quality and safety seriously, our Quality/Safety Accreditation means your wellness and safety come first, on all your outdoor activities in Quebec.

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