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An Aventure Écotourisme Québec accredited outfitter specializes in offering one or several outdoor adventure tourism and/or ecotourism activities, in a pristine natural setting. While Association member outfitters are all “Quality/Safety Accredited,” a number of them offer one or several activities that are also “Ecotourism Accredited.” 

Quality/Safety Accreditation

We take quality and safety seriously

No matter your skill level (beginner, intermediate or expert), Quality/Safety Accreditation means your wellness and safety come first, on all your outdoor activities in Quebec.

All adventures are guided and handled by a professional guide (or team leader), so your outdoor experience is truly memorable. Nothing equals a local guide when it comes to explaining everything there is to know, and enhancing your outing so that you can live a region through the legends and stories that forged its history. Plus, all your required gear is provided so that your activity is totally safe, and enjoyable.

With the services of a professional, you are sure you are participating in a quality outdoor activity, and know it meets all environmental, ecotourism and safety standards.

Trust the "Quality/Safety Accredited" logo! It certifies that a business meets the highest standards of quality and safety, as sanctioned for adventure and ecotourism professionals across Quebec. 

What is a Quality/Safety Accredited Adventure?

  • It meets rigorous safety standards (including low guide-to-client ratios)
  • Employs local professional guides
  • Provides quality gear
  • Includes liability insurance
  • Provides extensive knowledge about wildlife
  • Supports respectful, eco-friendly nature tourism
  • Is backed by practical experience (local guides ensure you get the best of every change of scene)
  • Promotes local economy

Ecotourism Accreditation

Taking The Environment & Sustainable Development To Heart

In addition to Quality/Safety Accreditation, some outfitters also offer one or several “Ecotourism Accredited” outdoor activities.  Trust the “Ecotourism Accredited” logo! It certifies that an outfitter or business meets the highest standards of quality and safety on its products and services, as sanctioned for adventure and ecotourism professionals across Quebec.

What is An Ecotourism Accredited Adventure?

  • It involves discovering a natural setting while preserving its integrity
  • Includes a nature intepretation activity or natural/cultural component about the given location, that promotes a respectful attitude towards the environment
  • Applies sustainable development concepts
  • Generates local and regional community-level socioeconomic spin-offs 

Find out more about Ecotourism in Quebec.