Or how to (re)visit Quebec safely.

For weeks now, we have all been dreaming of getting back to a semblance of normal life and going outside to enjoy the benefits of nature and the joys of the outdoors. Now that we are gradually regaining access to our natural spaces and outdoor activities, it’s even more time to be civic-minded and think about other users.

Nature and the outdoors is for everyone.

Yes, it’s true.  However, this is no reason to do anything or disturb the peace of mind of others around us. Going out in nature after a confinement deserves a minimum of respect by following the basic instructions, the places and the other users.

  1. I stay at home if I have symptoms
  2. I plan my outing based on closures and the maximum number of people allowed on the premises.
  3. I protect myself and take care of my hygiene
  4. I am autonomous by bringing everything I need
  5. I respect bans & other users. We invite you to consult the Guides to Good Outdoor Behaviour in the Context of a Pandemic.
  6. I protect nature – Leave no trace

Encourage local outdoor businesses

Nature and the outdoors can also be experienced through local businesses…  Encourage them!! Take a sea kayak outing, a hike or a nature trip with an experienced guide who will help you discover Quebec’s hidden treasures.  By taking advantage of their services and by recommending them to your loved ones, you not only encourage the local economy, but also help them get through the current situation.

Although our regional parks and businesses have had to modify some of their processes, they are ready to welcome you.

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